Finding your Footwear

Spring and summer are great times to get outside and get active. For most of us in Michigan, that also means that we will stop wearing boots, and transition into wearing sandals and flip flops. Though this is something that happens every year, most of us still get it wrong.

So often many of us go for something cheap to put on our feet, because we know that they can only be worn a few months out of the year. The trouble is that when we go from having a supportive footwear to flip flops with little support, it can cause problems in many areas of our body. Not only can it give us foot pain, but also ankle, knee, hip and back pain. The majority of people need good support for their feet, especially as they get older.

There is not a flip flop or sandal out there that is correct for everyone, because everyone has differences in the shape and structure of their feet. Though there are some brands that are better than others, such as Teva, Keen, Birkenstock and Chaco, it is still best to go to a shoe store and try some on. Employees that work at stores dedicated to shoes are trained to fit shoes to your feet, so they can provide great guidance in finding the right footwear for all of your summer activities.

-Albie, PTA


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