Why Mobility is so Important

Mobility is important for all ages, but it is especially essential for the aging population. Find out the benefits of increased mobility, and how our physical therapists can help.


Breaking Habits That Are Causing You Pain

There are many different activities that can affect our pain, and we may not even realize that these activities are contributors to that pain. Find out how bad habits can cause pain, stiffness, and weakness in your body.

Why PT may be right for you

Ever wonder if you need to seek out Physical Therapy? Have you ever questioned if the pain you are experiencing is enough to warrant an appointment? See what our therapist has to say about why PT may be right for you.

How to Handle Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is one of the most mobile, versatile joints in our body. With this large amount of mobility, however, comes greater instability and makes the shoulder more susceptible to injury and pain. Find out what our therapist says can easily cause shoulder pain, and how to fix it.

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