“Wonderful. All of the therapists were receptive to my concerns and goals.” -Ryan, ST

“Very grateful of CPTC understanding my economic limits and help trying to get me better. I’ll miss my PT’s very much. Hope to see you soon. God bless you all.” -Consuelo, ST  

“I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I started seeing results.” -Ed, 3 Mile 

“This therapy has been a true blessing. Thank you for all the help in getting better. If I ever need therapy again, this is where I want to be! Best staff I've ever worked with!!” -Irene, Standale

  “I am very satisfied with the treatment and the respect I was shown by my therapist and the staff. I would recommend Comprehensive PT to anyone.” -Mary, East Beltline

"I loved coming in for PT. I learned a lot and got stronger too. I like it and my therapists so much that I was sorry to have to end coming in." -Kathleen, Standale

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